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October 16th, 2019 | pipitea marae, wellington, new zealand

live streaming recording right here!

henlo friends, it's been a while

we like seeing your beautiful faces in person and, like kawaiicon, couldn't see how we could create the same environment virtual only (comfycon did it best).

this year purplecon will be at kawaiicon, but instead of doing our own event, we’ll be there as a bashful lil’ ghost adding sparkles and cherishing time with our hacker family (das u (^_-)-☆)

will purplcon be back one day? maybs not. it's been so long and a lot has changed. mango is simply overrun being australia’s only hacker, ryan and jeremy are lost in the bad idea factory, and nolang has joined kawaiicon crüe. (serena and charelle were ready to help us run the next one, but we didn’t quite get there).

thank you to our forever besties who volunteered and helped us run purplecon. they gave us life and took care of many important things. they saved us all from an untold number of embarrassing bungles.

thanks to the crüe for giving us the opportunity to run our lil’ experiment that brought many people joy ♥︎

what's purplecon like? well it's kinda like.... maybe digital shampoo? mmm, so clean and fragrant. don't you wish you had some moisturiser for your config files? digital fabric softener to smooth out your javascript? look it's easier if we just show you.

what's the plan, chief? get in, get out, celebration bubble tea in the morning.

who is purplecon for? developers, students, fictional characters, security people, weird niche enthusiasts, teachers, friends of friends. anyone who wants to learn about defensive computer security.

who's watching the doors? blango, while you and i sneak in the back, dressed as waitstaff. you look cute in a bow tie. the outfit from last time should still fit.

how are the talks different? talks are defensive, positive, and actionable. they're about how to help, rather than break. there are writeups with the takeaways of every tallk. here's last year's talk recordings.

october 16th? isn't that the day before kawaiicon? nice catch, internet traveller. purplecon is happening the day before kawaiicon, so you can go to both for 3 days of crisp conferencing.

this better be worth it pack your things, we're going tonight.

wait so.... what's the, uh, deal with kawaiicon and purplecon? oh, well, they're just two conferences that are on next to eachother.

it's just.... will they? ....won't they? we're not really sure what you're talking about, sorry.

aesthetic purplecon merchandise

all our merch is available online-only, so you can get it before purplecon and wear it on the day!

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Code of Conduct

We want everyone to feel safe here. Here's the rules.

Who are you?

your purplecon digital online world wide web humans are @ryankurte, @__nolang, @mangopdf, and @jsstott.

You can talk to us at [email protected], on Twitter (@purpleconnz), or by asking for "a tall glass of wonky zonk lucy's flamin' hot community soda" at the bubble tea place.

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